Multilingual data for AI training

Let your AI go multilingual! Our qualified global linguists are well trained in data collection translation projects. We can align with your translation style requirements and machine learning rules to prepare datasets for AI training as desired. And with our machine translation quality evaluation service, you can gain visibility into the performance of your AI.

Data translation

LangLink provides accurate and fluent translation data tailored for your Natural Language Processing (NLP) training models. Our stringent quality control and assurance process ensures all translated output is clean and ready for training machine translation engines. We have an extensive pool of experienced professionals to deliver multilingual datasets with a quick turnaround.

Machine translation quality evaluation

Our well-trained linguists evaluate your machine-translated text to help you determine the effectiveness of existing MT systems and optimize their performance. We provide comprehensive, precise evaluations (in terms of accuracy, fluency, and terminology) for various content types, from general to specialized, to help you determine which engine performs better.

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