Adapt your learning solutions to global audience to improve learner engagement and performance

In today’s globalized economy, businesses must effectively educate their internationally distributed workforces, partners, and customers to maximize business success across geographically and culturally diverse regions.  A lot of time and money will be invested on developing e-learning models for their employees, global learners, collaborators and clients in order to improve learning engagement and keep up-to-update with the latest developments. 

LangLink is a comprehensive language solutions provider with a specialized practice for e-learning translations, we understand the importance of conveying e-learning objectives accurately and completely across client organizations and around the globe. 

LangLink has both the linguistic and engineering expertise to help organizations such as Apple, Oracle effectively localize their training materials for global audiences in major languages.

Our E-Learning Localization Services

  • Training Materials Translation
  • Slides and Presentations Localization
  • Multimedia File Preparation and Integration
  • Graphics and On-Screen Text Localization
  • Script and OST Translation
  • Recording and Video dubbing
  • Audio and Video Post-Production
  • Subtitling of XML and Flash Content
  • Formatting and Typesetting
  • Publishing and QA Testing
  • Management of Complex Programs

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