Machine Translation Post-editing

We employ Google leading MT tech to provide you with cost-efficiency MTPE solution to save your money and time

MTPE is the empowerment of high-quality human reviewers and editors with advanced Machine Translation (MT) technology. MTPE may involve multiple steps, including pre-and post-processing of content. The net result is that the human reviewers produce far higher volumes of content, at a fraction of the cost, with nearly the same level of quality. LangLink offers cost- efficiency MTPE solutions to help our client publish more content faster with high quality.


– More productivity, making short work of bulk translation tasks

– Higher accuracy than machine translation only

– Better cultural sensitivity

– More fluent use of slang and local terminology

– Improved flow and clarity

Best for:

– Techinical manual

– User interface

– Legal document

– Medical document


– Notification and alert

– Product description

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