Content Creation

LangLink offers personalized writing, editing, and proofreading services to help you achieve your publishing goals quickly and efficiently. Our content creation service covers blog writing, copywriting and technical writing.

Blog Writing

We know how important it is to drive traffic to your site and engage your audience with quality blogging. LangLink has experienced in-house writers to create content to your exact specification, and to ensure that your post can be delivered regularly, helping you to remain active on the Internet.


– Engage your audience

– Ensure that your post can be delivered regularly

– Optimize for search engines and social platforms

– Rank for more keywords online

– Value-adding content with rich media

– Remain active on the Internet

Best for:

– Website blog with marketing content

– Public account post


Our goal as a experience copywriter is to define the distinct voice of your brand, evaluate your needs, sites and marketing strategies, locate your target audiences, then trans-create localized content and messages in a voice, a tone and a style that attracts and builds trust. LangLink can make your voice heard through brochures, billboards, websites, emails, advertisements, catalogs and more.


– Build your company’s image

– Distinguish your business from competitors

– Persuade readers to take action

– Protect you from the consequences of bad copywriting

– Present quality content to your audience

– Generate compelling content

Best for:

– Advertisements

– Website copy

– Press releases

– White papers

– Video scripts

– Catalogs

– Newsletters

– Email marketing

– Sell sheets and sales collateral

Technical Writing

Our technical writers will deliver professional, high-quality technical documentation clean, straightforward and compendious. LangLink offers a wide variety of technical copywriting expertise across languages and subject matters from software to processes and from the user guidelines to security. We connect you to professional writers with the right expertise and experience for your type of content to ensure quality and accuracy in all your technical materials.


– Present professional formatting & presentation

– Improve productivity

– Enhance clarity and results

Best for:

– Technical manuals

– Product manuals

– Software user help

– Protocol

– Case study

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