Translation & Localization

Provide a full range of translation and localization services to help company go global

Baidu beats Google in China. Urdu-speaking gamers favor racing games over strategic games. CNN has separate programming for Latinos in the U.S.
What do these things have in common? Language and Localization.

Research confirms that companies that invest in localization are more likely to expand into new markets, develop greater customer loyalty and increase their revenue. When a new product or service is in the pipe for release in a new market, localization should be in to-do list. 

LangLink break barriers and build bridges across languages and cultures with team of translation and localization experts. We master your linguistic challenges and manage your brand to navigate the global marketplace with confidence. 

We provide a full spectrum of services tailored to the needs of translation, website localization, app localization and game localization in all major languages.

Game Localization

Game localization is the act of preparing games for their respective releases in different areas of the world. Different areas speak different languages, have different cultures, and have different content and censorship laws. Game localization allows you to tailor the game experience to match the audience for which it’s intended. 

Game localization involves everything from the obvious, like translating the game into new languages, to the less apparent aspects, like removing elements from a game that other cultures might not tolerate in their entertainment content.

LangLink works with both game publishers and developers and offer game localization solutions for mobile, desktop, console, browser, and board games into more than 60 languages. As one of core strengths, we support each phase of the process, including translation, multilingual voiceovers, recording, and QA & testing with our experienced linguists and professionals.

App/Software Localization

App or software companies expand global market in nature, and in turn, you must have a need to make your app or software products localized properly so as to have the look and feel of a product originally developed and written in the target market. It’s not an easy task to get a local version while maintain usability as well as functionality because it’s not just text translation, but also involves culture and law compliance, UI and coding adaptation, etc. Seems too much work? Leave them us. You good at development and we are good at helping you get your local versions to reach more users. 

LangLink understand your need and offer a complete set of localization solutions to localize your software and apps in a repeatable, scalable and cost-effective way, integrating with your software development process, whether Agile or Waterfall.

Website Localization

Your website is your corporate window to the world and a major marketing tool which represents your company and therefore deserves the best translation possible. Localized website is vital for global marketing and the most crucial step in any globalization strategy.

On global scale, website localization is a complex process that involves project management, translation, quality assurance, online testing, in-time updates to make it accessible, usable, and culturally suitable to the target audience. 

LangLink provides seamless and streamlined solutions for website localization to help you reach global audiences and deliver your message to them in a powerful and consistent way. 

Document Translation

LangLink offers a wide range of translation services across industries for more than 50 languages with latest industry technology, high caliber of in-country, native linguists, and well established process, to ensure the highest quality at global scale, market speed, and greater business value.

An expert team with a dedicated project manager, in-country, native translators, and experienced reviewers will be assigned for each project to consistently deliver high-quality results. 

Every project will go though multiple levels of quality assurance process, including editing and proofreading, as well as in-country review and/or SME review to make ensue every thing is on the track to deadline and quality.

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