Multimedia & E-Learning

Offering first-class multimedia translation service, video/audio
translation, subtitling, multilingual voiceover and eLearning translation

LangLink multimedia solutions transform your media to another level

LangLink multimedia solutions

Today, multimedia has become the best method for businesses the world over to engage, inform, and entertain their target audience. Multimedia localization caters to the overall user experience, allowing target audiences to interact with the content and receive a linguistically and culturally tailored program. In turn this promotes your brand and encourages higher visibility. Translation and localization of your multimedia content can increase customer satisfaction, boost sales, and pave the way for your company to flourish in new markets.

Supported Multimedia

LangLink provides translation & localization services for a broad range of multimedia content including:

LangLink is trusted by many leading companies around the globe to engineer and deliver high-quality multimedia content in over 50 languages. Our experience in multimedia localization encompasses video, audio, text, and user interfaces used for gaming, marketing, and training purposes.

Voiceover & Dubbing

LangLink provides full access to 100+ rigorously tested voice talent to match the role.

Subtitling & Transcription

Subtitling is an effective, powerful, and simple way to portray your audio/visual message.


With our e-learning localization service, your global employees can simply focus on the content of your message without barrier of language and culture adaptation.

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