Game Localization

We translate AAA and indie games for all platforms including Console, PC, MMO,
browser-based and mobile games for iOS & Android

Your big titles deserve perfect localization to create consistent, immersive experience for your global audience

Do you like it when a gamer play your game and feels like it was developed for them?

Well, we are here to make it happen.

Obviously, a bad localization will damage gamer experience and distract them. However, a successful game localization is not an easy task because it needs more than just translation: localization, globalization, and cultural adaptations are all part of a successful international launch for your titles. A successful game localization requires advanced gaming and language skills.

LangLink offers a comprehensive suite of translation, localization, and multimedia services for the gaming industry. Our services for gaming include: In-game text, UI, user manuals, voice-over, marketing materials, legal docs, and website localization. 

Why choose LangLink to localize your games

The games industry was worth $174.9bn in 2021 and is forecast to rise to $200bn by 2024. Localization is critical to secure your share of the cake.

Our Localization process

Video game localization is often overlooked or treated as a lower priority during game development phase while it can actually help you generate significant ROI if it’s properly planned and carefully executed. So, if the beta version of the game is provided to us, or even snapshots and pictures to understand the game, we can become familiar with playthrough, and review the text. But it is often not possible to have playable versions at the early stages of the game localization process. At this point, a flexible approach involving iterations of translated builds would be better choice.

Our workflow is as follows:

Technology Empowers Work

memoQ, Memsource, Trados or Crowdin are some of most commonly used apps for MMOs and games with regular content updates. ​

We use translation memories and term bases to ensure consistency and allows us to leverage existing translations for future releases or updates, saving you time and money in the process.

As our clients, you can protect your translation memory and term base assests, as well as keep an eye on the quality or progress of your localization project.

Our game localization XP

LangLink Game is a professional game localization company. Whether an AAA title or indie game project, we can offer our personal service and adapt to your own tools and processes.
We not only localize your games but something underling your game: Epic, Unity, etc. It enhances our understanding of your games.

We love games

We believe games make the world a better place for many people.

To us, video games are the ultimate form of art as they involve picturing and building fantastic or realistic worlds, composing original and moving music, writing compelling stories and can even be poetic.

It is the only medium that puts people at the centre of it and gives them enough power to interact with it and make it their own.

We believe in the magic of their words.

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