Transcription & Subtitling

Subtitling your videos to accurately, effectively and clearly convey your message

Subtitling is an effective, powerful, and simple way to portray your audio and visual message. As a type of audiovisual translation, subtitling has its own specifications, rules, and criteria. One thing to consider with subtitling is that it has time and space restrictions that directly affect the result. When it comes to maximizing global receptivity of your film, TV show, or documentary, it requires more than translating dialog, it also involves capturing the same meaning and context of the original content, in addition to adjusting length and time codes of the translated subtitles to make them clear and easy to read.

Our Services

Transcription and Translation

Transcription and translation employs our professional transcribers who watch and listen to the recording closely to transcribe the spoken word. The script is then checked to make sure nothing is omitted. Then, translators translate it into the target languages so that it is as informative and impactful as the original. Role information and accurate time codes are added for subtitling use.

Subtitle Adaption

Subtitle adaptation is the art of adapting the number of words per minute, lines per subtitle, and characters per line, taking into account reading speed, timing, and positioning. We build the timecodes by going through the footage frame-by-frame using professional subtitling software. This ensures that the video can be watched and the text can be read comfortably and easily at the same time.

Subtitle Formats

Video can be encoded with the new subtitles in various formats. We always provide various examples of subtitle output for your selection.

Subtitled Screen Text

When videos show text on the screen, and it is not spoken, that screen text also requires translation. In order to differentiate between the screen text and dialog, the screen text is identified with an asterisk within the subtitle.

Success Story


NVIDIA needs a keynote localized in a firm and aggressive timeline. This keynote would be used by NVIDIA CEO, Jensen Huang at 10am, Nov. 21, 2018 GMT+8 on GTC 2018. Due to the nature of confidentiality, the script of keynote can be only released for translation at 12:00am, Nov. 21 while it should be finished by 4am, Nov. 21 because of the urgency for post-production.


  • Confidential – The information about those cutting-edge products should be not disclosed to any party prior to GTC.
  • High volume – Finally, the video length is greater than 2 hours.
  • Firm and aggressive timeline – We must finish the project in 4 hours from 12am to 4am, in the midnight.
  • Heavy technical – The topics are about AI Training, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, etc. Insider knowledge is needed.
  • Heavy marketing – The wording of the opening must be attractive and powerful. Creative translation is required.
  • High visible – It’s a live broadcast targeting global audience. Any tiny mistake would be exposed globally and affect NVIDIA’s reputation.
  • Consistency – For the matter of urgency, multiple linguists should be used. It’s a big challenge to keep consistency.


To address the challenges, we setup a team with 3 translators, 1 reviewer and 1 Project Manager. 

With this team setup, we ensure our productivity to complete the project in the Firm and aggressive timeline.

All of them are in-house resource and signed NDA before joining this project to meet the requirement of Confidential

The translators are regular linguists for NVIDIA projects with relevant education background and insider knowledge about NVIDIA products and Technology

When the translation is done, the reviewer who is good at transcreation of Heavy marketing stuff fixed inconsistency bugs, polished the translation and finalized the script to bring out a powerful and precision translation.

All the linguists work around the PM and in a cloud-based environment with shared translation memory to keep Consistency.


The final script with high quality was delivered to NVIDIA before 4am, Nov. 21. To watch complete video with subtitle localized by us, please click

You can’t believe it’s not the first time for our team to help NVIDIA make it happen. It’s also us to help them localize the script for GTC 2017!


“Hi Ray and team,


The first thing I did this morning when I came into the office is to get online, and watch NVIDIA’s GTC Live Broadcast, and I felt really proud and excited when I read the our overnight translation on the screen, together with hundreds thousands of audiences online.


Thank you very much for your generous support to make this happen. Even though the translation was done over the night, the translation was with very good quality as always. Please be proud of your team and your work!”

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