Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE)

We provide cost-efficient MTPE solutions with Google’s leading Machine Translation technology to save you money and time.

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What is Machine Translation (MT)?

Machine Translation is an automated translation process involving the application of software to translate a text from one language into another without human involvement. The advent of Neural Machine Translation (NMT), a new approach to machine translation, in 2017 creates a technological leap, democratizing the enhanced MT technology, which is now widely adopted to help businesses meet their growing content goals, particularly in generic content types that are less brand-sensitive. You can get large volumes translated with fast turnaround times, low costs, and more importantly, high quality with MTPE.

Why do we need MTPE?

Though the AI translation technology has improved a lot in recent years, raw MT output without edits are not always satisfactory. Post editing machine translation can ensure human-level quality. Machine translation post-editing (MTPE) is most suitable when you are localizing content that does not require transcreation/adaptation, such as online help and customer support documents. When you are in an urgent need to have high volumes of generic text translated in high quality, but you have a tight budget, MTPE may be the best fit. With LangLink’s MTPE solutions, you can enjoy the affordability of machine translation and the quality of human translation at the same time.

Our MTPE Solutions

Our MTPE solutions involve multiple steps, including pre- and post-processing of content and further quality assurance steps to ensure high quality in the deliverables. We offer two types of MTPE solutions to meet your quality and budget needs, including:

Machine translation with light post-editing

Our machine translation with light post-editing solution features limited human linguist involvement. Our experienced native linguists will perform minimal modifications to the MT output to ensure that the translation is legible and accurately conveys the meaning of the source. 

This solution can create fast and cost-effective results. It is intended for lower-priority content where speed is of prime importance, including help articles, user manuals, and content that do not require a high level of stylistic quality. It delivers an understandable translation with no major errors.

Machine translation with full post-editing

Our machine translation with full post-editing solution combines seasoned human editors with advanced NMT technology where linguists turn the MT output into high-quality, flawless content. The goal of this solution is to achieve nearly the same level of quality a professional human translation process provides. 

This solution takes stylistic and cultural factors into consideration and delivers translation that’s almost equivalent to a human translation-only process but with a faster turnaround time and a lower cost. It is suitable for structure, technical content and other customer-facing content with less visibility and impact than campaign materials.

MTPE works best in the following content type:

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