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LangLink Game LQA process

LangLink Gaming LQA process As a professional and experienced gaming localization company, we have established a standard gaming LQA program. Our gaming LQA consists of 7 steps which cover different scopes and is used to ensure our localized quality, providing the most comprehensive gaming localization experience. LangLink LQA (Localization Quality Assurance) Read more…

Happy International Translation Day!

Happy International Translation Day!   Translators, with their names credited or not, connect cultures and the world. Translation makes us connected and makes the world better. Happy International Translation Day! Let’s enjoy and celebrate our job. 台前,亦或幕後, 留名,亦或匿名, 我們轉換語言, 跨越文化, 橋接世界, 連通你我, 創造更多美好。 國際翻譯日快樂! 一起熱愛我們的行業。

Langlink Game

New Office – Announcement Announcing very exciting news! Langlink Game is established in Japan now, which will focus on our game localization business and commit to professional service with quality delivery. All members of our game localization team are hardcore gamers, native speakers and professional game translators. Rather than simply Read more…

We are LangLink

Can you imagine the world without translation services?  What if people cannot communicate with others who don’t speak the same language?    How do you share your thoughts and ideas with someone without a common language? The translation is necessary for the propagation of ideas, information and knowledge. It is Read more…

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